Transform Anything Into A Musical Instrument With Mogees

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Transform Anything Into A Musical Instrument With Mogees


After a successful Kickstarter campaign that saw over one thousand pledges hand over $100,000 in total, British creators of Mogees have released the innovative piece of equipment into the world.


Mogees is essentially a sensor that allows its user to create sound from any object they desire. After connecting the sensor to your Smartphone and placing it on the surface of your choice, all you need to do is record your gestures. From tapping on a table to simply moving your hands around the sensor, the possibilities are endless. There is also a range of both individual sounds and MIDI notes available for your selected gesture.


So how does it work? The Mogees sensor detects vibrations on the chosen surface, registers the audio frequency produced by your hits, taps or strikes and then creates the sound in relation to that measurement.


For the musicians out there, Mogees also enables you to sync your own instruments and use them to create other instrumental sounds. For instance, guitars can be used to create a drum sound by tapping on the guitar’s surface. Continuing its convenient streak, the device is also compatible with Apple’s Garageband and Logic Studio.


Weighing in at 30.6g, the compact, revolutionary gadget lets us play the world and brings us one step closer to musical instruments of the future.



Mogees is available in Australia now via Innovative Music.