Supro Super Size Range With Two New Guitar Amps

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Supro Super Size Range With Two New Guitar Amps


According to Supro, the new 1688T Big Star is ‘the largest and most aggressive’ of the 1964 reissue amplifiers, featuring two channels, a pair of 12” speakers and an era-correct vintage cabinet design. The two channels are “wired in parallel with automic linking of both channels when only the first input is used,” and the bass EQ is dropped an octave on the first channel to give the amp some extra rumble when both channels are being used.


With the ability to go from clean and chime-y to dirty and crunchy blues style sounds by just adjusting the volume knob on the guitar, the amp has incredibly useful range and would no doubt suit a wide range of players in a number of situations.

The other amp recently announced by Supro is the Titan Extension Cabinet, which was made to complement the Titan 1×10 Combo amp. It features an Eminence-desgined Supro HP12 hemp cone speaker, and adds punch and power to the original combo amp.


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