This Brand Makes Custom Guitars From Recycled Skateboards

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This Brand Makes Custom Guitars From Recycled Skateboards


Though pegged as a boutique custom guitar manufacturer, Prisma offer multiple profiles with six different body shapes from mahogany, alder black or with a hollow body. Offering rehashed skateboard decks into freshly designed guitars at no extra cost, the guitar bodies come with a choice of mahogany or maple necks with a 12-inch radius and 25.5-inch scale length that comes with a fitted hand-shaped graph Tech nut at 1 5/8 inch.

Taking a step further, Prisma only use hand-wound pickups from McNelly pickups and David Allen pickups and all guitars they make are built exclusively with Emerson Custom Electronics. Prisma add a personal touch to every guitar, offering Tone Pro or Mastery bridges and an allen key Hot Rod truss rod, which anchors the body. As a cherry on top, all guitars have 100% nitrocellulose instrument lacquer.


Nick Pourfard, the Founder of Prisma Guitars recently stated, “Skateboards are made with seven layers of hard rock maple – a familiar guitar wood – and some of the layers are randomly dyed colours. Through working with materials, we get the colours to come through… Every single time I build one, it’s a different result. I never make the same guitar twice.”


Adding to their impressive catalogue, Prisma also offer pre-built guitars with select customisable features and are available now for order. Custom guitars normally take around eight to twelve weeks to make. 


Watch below to see a behind the scenes look at Prisma’s design process.


To find out more, visit Prisma Guitars.