Ever Wondered What A Guitar Sounds Like Underwater?

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Ever Wondered What A Guitar Sounds Like Underwater?


Taking the role as the guinea pig is Trey Xavier, who literally after talking us through the process, goes head first into the pool where a microphone is set up underwater. Initially imagining it would resemble a chorus pedal effect in some way, the sound bares more resemblance to a H20 sustain kill pedal.


Still being audible, the guitar experiment shows what chords and staccato guitar licks sound like underwater. Sounding more like a palm muted guitar, the guitar does offer some unique and weird sounds, though I can’t say whether the experiment was a success or not.   


Gear Gods commented on YouTube about the condition of the guitar and microphone used in the experiment, “Both f***ed. The mic still works-ish, but in order to waterproof it I plasti-dipped it so it’s not going to sound good, and the top of the guitar is predicably warped to s**t. It still plays, just not well. I’ve got a spectacular ending in mind for it though, it’ll be a hoot.”


Watch below to see the experiment in action. 


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