The Future Is Now: Live Music Will Soon Be Viewed In VR

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The Future Is Now: Live Music Will Soon Be Viewed In VR

oculus rift.jpg

USA Today is reporting that concert promoter Live Nation is teaming up with virtual reality content provider NextVR to bring audiences broadcasts of gigs straight to their VR headsets. 


According to the report, the broadcasts will be compatible with Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift headsets that are connected to a smartphone running the NextVR app. The app allows you to choose your positioning at the gig – whether it’s amongst the crowd, backstage, or right next to your favourite band member – giving you complete control of your experience.


How will they be able to achieve this you ask? Essentially the film crew will be using between two and ten VR cameras at these shows, allowing for a full immersive experience. We aren’t quite sure what shows will be covered just yet, however there are whispers that the very first VR shows will be launching this Winter.


So if you aren’t a fan of people in general, this could quite possible be the greatest news you have ever received. However, technology this advanced still won’t capture that feeling of rocking out in the front row of your favourite band’s gig. If you are considering this as a replacement to that experience, well you need to get out of the house more.