Introducing Sennheiser’s AVX Wireless Mic Systems

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Introducing Sennheiser’s AVX Wireless Mic Systems


The new Sennheiser AVX lightens this workload
 immediately. From now on videographers can
 simply rely on perfect sound – and concentrate on 
what they really love to care about: to film great
 pictures. The AVX features dynamic range, which
 guarantees perfectly levelled sound – regardless 
of the situation. Whether it’s quiet or loud, the 
AVX synchronizes perfectly to the camera’s input 


The AVX plugs directly into the XLR 
audio input and uses phantom power. It switches on and off automatically with the camera. So it is instantly ready to record and saves battery power when the camera is turned off. The AVX works faster than the human ear. Before any interference becomes audible, the AVX selects the best operating frequency and switches to a clean channel. No matter what, perfect audio transmission between the microphone and the camera is guaranteed.


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