Modal unleash the powerful Cobalt8 virtual analogue synthesiser

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Modal unleash the powerful Cobalt8 virtual analogue synthesiser

Words by Will Brewster

Packing eight voices and a whopping 64 oscillators.

After raking in the goods with last year’s Argon8 wavetable synthesiser, Modal have shared details of the new Cobalt8 synth, a virtual analogue powerhouse with a ludicrously powerful synthesis engine.

With a 37-note Fatar keybed, 64 high resolution oscillators and up to eight voices of polyphony, the Cobalt8 aims to follow the success of previous virtual analogue hit-makers like the Roland JP8000 and Nord’s Wave synth, allowing for extensive hands-on control with all the modern sound-shaping afforded by DSPs.

Each of the eight oscillators are split into independent oscillator groups with a range of algorithms to create dense, complex textures, with extended drift also on offer to emulate that classic wonky analogue sound.

There’s also a newly designed 4-pole ladder filter with four switchable modes to tame frequencies, while a morph knob lets you tweak things even further should you desire.

Modal have also added three envelope generators to the Cobalt8 to control the filter, volume and modulation, with three LFOs allowing users to route modulation to 55 different sources.

The synth also boasts a myriad of opportunities to play with pulse-width modulation, cross-modulation, bit-crushing and more, while three independent DSP engines provide a number of onboard effects to flesh out your sounds even more.

Finally, the Cobalt8 packs a 512 note sequencer with 64 steps, while an arpeggiator with chord modes allows for an even greater array of rhythmic and melodic possibilities. There’s even 300 factory presets and room for an additional 200 sounds, rounding out what looks to be an immensely powerful synth for players of the modern era.

Check out all the specs over at Modal’s website.