TC Electronic reveal the PolyTune Mini 3

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TC Electronic reveal the PolyTune Mini 3

The PolyTune Mini 3 essentially carries on from all the features of TC Electronic’s revered PolyTune Mini 2, albeit with a smaller chassis (of course) and a new ‘always on’ mode, letting you audition your settings for any particular setup. 


Elsewhere, users can select between polyphonic, chromatic or strobe tuning modes, as well as an inbuilt studio grade buffer. There’s also two dipswitches on the back of the pedal to allow you to choose between true and buffered bypass modes. 




TC Electronic have also unleashed the PolyTune Mini 3 Noir, which is exactly the same as the pedal described above but in black: perfect for any goth loving shredder out there. While there’s no solid price for these ones yet, we can expect to see them in stores some time this Winter. 


For TC Electronic products in Australia, head over to Amber Technology