TC Electronic debut the Plethora X5 multi-effects unit

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TC Electronic debut the Plethora X5 multi-effects unit

The Plethora is constructed with five footswitches, and allows users to organise the range of TonePrint effects algorithms in any order they want, effectively making their own ‘virtual’ board. There’s also 127 of these available to download online, which could be a great way to get some inspiration for your board. You’re also able to program 75 unique TonePrints for each of these effects, with TC Electronic adding in their famous MASH Expression footswitches to give you hands-free control over your board for when you need to get weird. 



What’s more, the Plethora X5 can also be tweaked via TC’s TonePrint App, which also lets you beam in the signature tones of your artist straight into your board. It also incorporates a FX loop and inbuilt cab simulation, which can also go directly to front of house or your DAW for ease of use. We’re expecting to receive one of these some time within the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for more news then. 


TC Electronic are distributed in Australia by Amber Technology.