Hologram Electronics unveil the marvelous Microcosm granular pedal

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Hologram Electronics unveil the marvelous Microcosm granular pedal

For those who tend to not stray far beyond a delay pedal, the Microcosm is probably the stuff of nightmares for you – Hologram Electronics gear is notoriously finicky, and you really have to put some work in to achieve those gorgeous ambient tones you hear on demos. However, if you’re keen on exploring all the possibilities this one provides, you’ll certainly be rewarded.


The Microcosm features eleven granular effects to choose from, as well as a low-pass filter with a control for resonance, as well as a 60 second looper and enhanced MIDI control . It’s even got stereo reverb onboard, as well as pitch modulation and up to 16 memory slots to store weird and wonderful loops. Whether you’re creating long, droning Frippertronics or slicing up micro loops for a stuttered, glitchy sound, there’s definitely a lot on offer here. 



While the demo below focuses on guitar sounds, I feel like the Hologram Electronics Microcosm would also sound like an absolute treat on a synthesiser, and it’s definitely nice to see granular effects being taken away from the DAW and slapped onto a pedalboard. We’re very excited for this one: it’s set to hit stores some time in April, so keep your eyes peeled. 


Find out more about the Microcosm via Hologram’s product page.