Source Audio debut the powerful new EQ2 pedal

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Source Audio debut the powerful new EQ2 pedal

With up to 18dB of boost or cut across ten frequency bands spread between 20 and 20,000Hz, the EQ2 is about as comprehensive as a pedal EQ can be. It can also be widened to make big adjustments, or you can narrow things to make immediate adjustments to fix particular issues. 


The Source Audio EQ2 also lets you navigate both graphic and parametric EQ types, as well as MIDI preset storage and stereo ins and outs. Users can store up to eight presets onboard the EQ2, which can be expanded to 128 slots via MIDI. 


The unit also offers a dynamic limiter, noise gate and inbuilt tuner, making it a much more versatile unit than initially apparent. You can even split signals and run each through its own EQ preset, which promises to be a quite unique feature to the right player. 


Listen to the unit in action below.



Find out more about the Source Audio EQ2 here.