Mooer debut the R7 Reverb pedal

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Mooer debut the R7 Reverb pedal

With seven unique algorithms.

Pint-sized pundits Mooer are back with a brand new reverb pedal, decked out with seven algorithms and preset storage.

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Utilising the same format as several of the brand’s other mini pedals, the R7 Reverb plays host to seven digital reverb models. Users can choose between Room, Hall, Church, Cave, Plate, Spring and Modulated, with each effect being signified by an LED on the side of the pedal.

A low and high cut knob lets you trim each algorithm to your own liking, while controls for decay and pre-delay let you zone in on each sound even further. There’s also a trail-on feature to ensure your reverb doesn’t cut off suddenly when you switch off the pedal, which is always a very useful feature to have up your sleeve.

The Mooer R7 also allows for storage of seven presets, which is realistically all you’d really ever use in a live show. It seems to be a perfect solution for anyone running a compact rig that wants to enjoy a range of reverb sounds at any given moment in their set – give it a listen below.

Mooer is distributed in Australia by Jade Music.