Soultone NOA Cymbal Pack

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Soultone NOA Cymbal Pack


They just celebrated their 10th birthday and continue to make great quality Turkish made cymbals at an affordable price. The latest addition to their range is the NOA cymbal pack, which offers the incredible, signature Soultone Cymbals sound to drummers of all levels.


The cymbals are made out of the same B20 alloy that all of our cymbals are made from, and we’re giving it to you at an affordable price. The NOA pack is compliant with the latest airline standards making it the first cymbals designed to be carry-on size compatible for air travel. They are also perfect for drummers who have limited space in any vehicle or on smaller stages. Available sizes: Ride: 19”, Crash: 16”, Hi Hats: 13”. The NOA Cymbal pack also comes with a free cymbal bag. 


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