Pedaltrain Release 11 New Pedal Board Models

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Pedaltrain Release 11 New Pedal Board Models

Terra42 load.jpg

New models include the Nano+, the three-model Metro Series, the three-model Novo Series, the refined Classic Series and its new large-format flagship pedal board, Terra 42. Pedaltrain has revealed unique design improvements like its new modified rail system, which improves the stability of smaller-sized pedals. The company also announced its portable grab-and-go Metro series and the true-bypass-switching- friendly Novo Series.


The latest redesigns have also seen a change in materials used to construct Pedaltrain pedal board frames. The company has shifted to an all-new featherweight, aircraft grade aluminium, which ensures a light, yet heavy-duty pedal board that is capable of withstanding the roughest travelling conditions. The company’s vastly improved soft cases and new strength-weight optimized tour cases are set to be a big hit, especially with it’s new professional-grade cases now weigh up to 35% less than previous models. 


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