Sing along with ease with the COTODAMA Lyric Speaker

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Sing along with ease with the COTODAMA Lyric Speaker

The COTODAMA is a high quality speaker featuring two coaxial loudspeakers that produce a full, natural sound. These speakers are enclosed in a high quality acrylic board which minimizes sympathetic sound and vibration, producing clearer music, and less unwanted noise. 


However, the main attraction for this speaker is its 22 inch transparent LCD screen. The COTODAMA Lyric Speaker displays lyrics in sync with the music, pulling data from PetitLyrics – Japan’s largest lyrics database company. Not only does the the Lyric Speaker display the text, its Lyric Sync Technology automatically detects the type of song that’s being played, and adjusts its display of lyrics to suit. For example, if a mild ballad is being played, the fonts and transitions are graceful and calm. If a more upbeat rock song plays, the text appears onscreen forcefully and with more impact.


While these features might make the COTODAMA Lyric Speaker seem like your perfect karaoke companion, be prepared to set aside a whopping $4500 for it. Only 15 units are handcrafted every month by Japanese artisans and shipped worldwide. 



For more information on the COTODAMA Lyric Speaker, visit COTODAMA.