Seymour Duncan Unleash High Voltage Humbuckers

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Seymour Duncan Unleash High Voltage Humbuckers


Featuring lightly seasoned chrome coverings aimed to stick out from the commonly used aged nickel, Seymour Duncan’s High Voltage Humbuckers are designed for rock-blues guitarists that have an appetite for devilish tones and jaw dropping sounds.


Built with a tight low-end and cut-clear sounding pickup, the new High Voltage Humbuckers have a very bluesy sound with an added output boost – great for driving a cranked Marshall as you blast out stinging leads and crunchy rhythms.


One of the keys to the High Voltage sound is the selection of specifically calibrated Alnico II magnets to provide an even response between the bridge and neck pickups. The neck pickup is wound to a DC resistance of 7.7k, with the bridge wound a little hotter at 8.6k for a little more sonic T.N.T.


With other options still open for Seymour Duncan fans, the Humbuckers are priced reasonably for the average tone-thirsty guitarist. A high recommendation would be fitting the High Voltage Humbuckers into an SG and plugging it into a Marshall.


To find out more about Seymour Duncan products visit Dominant Music.