Mesa/Boogie Unveil New Additions To Subway Bass Amplifier Series

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Mesa/Boogie Unveil New Additions To Subway Bass Amplifier Series

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Much like Mesa/Boogies’ award-winning Subway D-800, the new D-800+ incorporates a lighter, more agile class D power that gives 8/4 or 2ohm impedance switch for wavering power to load performance. Cutting out the unnecessary, the D-800+ speaks to the player who is in need for enhanced frequency control and an interface for outboard signal processing.


The Mesa/Boogie D-800+ preamp setting showcase the comprehensive EQ section with a semi-parametric sweep-able low and high mid band setting. This also includes enhancements like the bright switch and a adjustable high pass filter to give more control over sub-lows in the mix.


Mesa has also added the new Ultra-Lite 2×10 cabinet to its catalogue. The Subway Ultra-Lite cab series now gives freedom for bassist to choose from a 1 by 12, 1 by 15 or 2 by 10 format. All Subway cabinets are fitted with in-house custom Neodymium speakers and  cabinets have been uniquely designed to add richness and contour for the Subway D-800 and D-800+ amplifier.


The final addition to the Mesa/Boogie range is the Subway Bass DI-Preamp. The Subway DI-Preamp has been designed to give the player the convenience of portability and superior compatibility with either a pedalboard or a desktop. The Subway DI-Preamp features include active bass, low-mid, high-mid and treble EQ controls and voicing control with an active/passive instrument select setting.


To find out more about Mesa Boogie products available in Australia, visit Pro Audio Supplies.