Sennheiser Esfera Surround Sound Micropohone System

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Sennheiser Esfera Surround Sound Micropohone System


Ordinarily this has required a microphone set-up capable of capturing all the necessary sounds, which in some instances is just not a possibility. Take for example a sports broadcast; sometimes there simply isn’t the infrastructure, or the recourses to capture 5.1 surround sound. Thankfully, with the new Sennheiser Esfera system that’s all likely to change.


The Esfera system is a surround microphone system developed by Sennheiser that enables you to generate 5.1 surround sound using two ordinary audio cables and one SPM 8000 mic unit. The SPM 8000 consists of two RF condenser mics in XY array. It’s weatherproof, rugged and produces a great natural sound. Connect that to the SPB 8000, and the standard stereo signal provided by the two cables running out of the microphone is turned into a complete 5.1 surround experience. This system works perfectly for those looking to broadcast events, or equally for budding film makers who need a simple, mobile and reliable microphone solution, but still want to retain that big-budget atmosphere that’s otherwise lost. 


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