Electronic-Voice EKX Portable Loudspeakers

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Electronic-Voice EKX Portable Loudspeakers


EKX loudspeakers come in passive and powered 12” and 15” two-way speakers, and 15” and 18” subwoofers. A 1500 W D-class amplifier with advanced DSP provides the power and control driving the loudspeaker components to a maximum SPL of 132-134 dB. 15 mm plywood, EV coat and heavy duty grill, handles and pole mounts give EKX durability, while 8 M10 mounting points provide easy 
installation options. The powered subwoofers also offer cardioid mode, never seen before in speakers at this price. Overall, EKX is bound to make a big sonic impact with a smaller than expected impact on your wallet. 


For more information, visit www.boschcommunications.com.au.