Rubato Guitars release the carbon fibre Lassie model

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Rubato Guitars release the carbon fibre Lassie model

While carbon fibre isn’t the first material that’d spring to mind when you’re thinking of making an instrument, it does hold its fair share of benefits. Flea’s signature Modulus Funk Unlimited prominently featured a carbon fibre neck, and other companies such as Parker Fly have experimented with the material due to its featherweight density and ability to withstand temperature changes that would otherwise affect a wooden guitar.



Weighing in at a breezy 2.5kgs, the Rubato Guitars Lassie boasts a satin finished C-Shaped neck with a direct neck/body joint – no heel to be found here. There’s also a compound radius flame maple fretboard with a zero fret, as well as Porter mini humbuckers (directly mounted into the body of the guitar), Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners and a Hipshot hardtail bridge. It’s a pretty deluxe build, and sounds pretty tough to boot – it’ll be interesting to see if more companies begin to embrace builds like these in the future. 



Head to Rubato Guitars to find out more about the Lassie today.