Roland reboot the JU-06A Boutique synth

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Roland reboot the JU-06A Boutique synth

If you’ve ever played the original JU-06, you’ll know exactly what’s waiting for you with the JU-06A: think creamy pads, bulging ’80s bass and a warm chorus that makes you want to cry. The JU-06A improves on the design of the original by adding a nifty little arpeggiator function, as well as adding slight tweaks to the interface of the unit to try remove some of the fiddling associated with these Boutique models. 



By removing the pitch and modulation touch strips on the left of the unit, Roland have freed up some extra space to add the arpeggiator function, as well as a chord keyboard mode, which is perfect for nailing those classic Detroit techno sounds you know and love. There’s also an improved sequencer and trigger in to make the JU-06A play well with others, and makes for a great piece of kit for any budding synth fiend to dig their teeth into. 



While it’s definitely nice to see Roland giving the Juno some love – it really is one of the most classic synths to ever be made – I’m sure there’ll be a few out there who aren’t too keen on being restricted to four note polyphony or the controversial K-25 keyboard that Roland tend to push with these units. While we’d all love a new full sized Juno, this’ll definitely get the job done for now!


Visit Roland Australia to find out more.