Red Witch roll out the Synthotron II analogue guitar synth

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Red Witch roll out the Synthotron II analogue guitar synth

Originally, the Red Witch Synthotron took a while to strike a chord with guitarists when it was released in 2012. Synth pedals with analogue innards are renowned for being a bit tempestous and a little hard to tame, meaning that only the most dedicated of soundscapers really took to the Synthotron. Red Witch aim to ammend this the second time around, adding in features to make the Synthotron II more reliable and versatile for different users. 



Offering dual analogue oscillators – each with Level, Decay and Octave controls – the Synthtron is more than capable of producing some fat tones, with the Octave control allowing you to toggle between up two octaves or down one for maximum beef. The unit’s two footswitches control the synth section and the envelope section of the Synthotron II, while other controls are used to toggle Amplitude Modulation, Envelope Filters and Sample Hold features. This means the Synthotron will be able to conjure up a smorgasboard of analogue tones, allowing you to incorporate Moog-esque leads, slinky swells and bubbling acid tones into your playing. 



We’re a big fan of this company (being from New Zealand certainly doesn’t hurt either!) and it’s always cool to see guitar companies roll out with a fresh pedal idea, so it’s safe to say we can’t wait to see how this thing sounds. The pedal is also available to purchase right now, so what are you waiting for?


Visit the Red Witch website to snag your Synthron II today.