QSC unveil the KS118 active subwoofer

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QSC unveil the KS118 active subwoofer

Powered by a huge 3600 W Class D amplifier and a beefy 18 inch driver, the KS118 sells itself as a viable solution for mobile events, nightclubs and performance venues where a commanding low-frequency response is needed to punch through. The unit features onboard DSP to optimise the system performance as well as minimise unwanted energy around the sides and rear for a booming, mud-free sound. 


Unlike other subwoofers, the QSC KS118 is also extremely portable, featuring low-noise casters, aluminim carry handles and a birch cabinet. There’s also a top mounted M20 threaded pole receptacle for easy deployment with other full-range loudspeakers, making this bad boy a hot pick for your venue’s new sound system solution.



In a statement heralding the launch of the KS118, QSC’s Portable Loudspeaker Product Manager Chriss Brouelette said that  “With the introduction of the KS118, QSC now offers users an unprecedented choice in selecting the perfect low frequency companion for thei r sound reinforcement system. Ranging from the ultra – compact KS112, to the single – enclosure cardioid KS212C and now the new, very high – output KS118, this wide variety of subwoofer options present very compelling solutions for AV professionals and enthusiasts of all kinds.”


QSC are distributed in Australia via the Technical Audio Group