Prices Slashed On Alesis Electronic Drum Kits

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Prices Slashed On Alesis Electronic Drum Kits

CrimsonMeshKit_Hero_00 copy.jpg

Nitro – with 
traditional drum configuration, rubber heads and kick pedal included – has dropped from $699 to $599.


Forge – with advanced drum module, polished chrome rack, dual zone snare and kick pedal – has dropped from $999 to $799.


Command – with advanced drum module, mesh snare and kick, polished chrome rack and kick pedal – has been slashed from $1299 to just $999 and the amazing Crimson – all mesh kit with isolating snare stand and larger cymbals – drops from $1599 to $1399.


These new drum kits usher in a new era of playability for Alesis electronic drums. Taking over from the older DM10 series, Alesis’ new mesh pads feature an additional array of triggers with a sensitivity adjustment dial.


The new advanced drum module found on the Crimson, Command and Forge brings more modern drum sounds and a more realistic response from the drums – plus the ability to load your own samples on via USB thumb drive, or export MIDI over USB to a computer to record or play drum software.


For more details on the range of Alesis products, head to