Motörhead’s Lemmy Immortalised In Bass Form

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Motörhead’s Lemmy Immortalised In Bass Form


“It was a sad day for the world when Lemmy passed,” says the luthier Cynosure, “Upon hearing the tragic news, Paul Raymond Gregory (founder and director of Bloodstock) immediately approached me in regards to creating a very special unique type of guitar that signified the vision and general atmosphere of the band, but more specifically, the prominent, legendary force that is Lemmy.” 

The Lemmy Bass is modelled on Motörhead’s War-Pig logo, and is definitely one of the more aggressive looking basses going around… The body is made out of a single cut of wenge wood, which is a dense hardwood from Africa, whilst Peruvian walnut, zebra wood and maple can be found elsewhere on the instrument. The fretboard features Lemmy’s trademark Ace of Spades as inlays, and on the 12th fret there is a custom ‘Lemmy’ inlay.

The other bass released is the Motörhead Bass, which is a slightly more traditional looking instrument. Informed by Lemmy’s military obsession, especially with the German WWII-era, the bass is striking with its satin-glossed, textured steel sheet that shimmers when hit by light. Just like the Lemmy Bass, this one is made out of wenge and has special inlays on the fretboard, with mini Iron Cross inlays and a ‘Motorhead’ inlay at the 12th fret. Another cool feature is that on the side there are engraved oak leaves, which the German military once used in their ranking system.


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