Orange Amplifiers Release Updated Crush Bass Amp Series

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Orange Amplifiers Release Updated Crush Bass Amp Series


The new bass series from Orange is heavily influenced by the company’s 4 stroke series, adding in an EQ circuit and giving the bass player an opportunity to create a landscape of musical styles with greater control. The new series promises greater control and the ability to fine-tune your sound.


Displaying the new and modified ported cabinetry and designed speakers, the Crush series still fits classic analogue circuitry, while adding an onboard tuner and headphone socket, featuring a Cab Sim filter to emulate the ready-for-playing Classic OBC bass cabinet sound.


The series features a 25W, 50W and 100W version amp. The 50 and 100 are aligned with the OB1 amps, giving a blistering interactive gain and hands on control for a ‘Bi-amp’ styled sound. Orange have stated that these amps are perfect for that early 70’s vintage tone and can give a savage distorted anarchy, without the risk of losing the rest of your sound.


The Crush 25W is described as fat and composed, with a surprising low-end thump.  With a highly interactive EQ and mid-control, it still allows bass players to gather a variety of sounds from a smaller rig. The 50W and 100W look to produce warm modern cleans, while still being able to be beyond capable to achieve other sounds. In addition, adding a footswitch feature with combined effects loop design, gives the player even more field to play around on.


The Crush Series are affordable and versatile; this series looks to cater to the individuals sound, while being able to pack enough power for smaller venues, the quality of ideas and engineering have deemed the crush series a force to reckoned with.

To find out more about Orange Amps visit Gibson AMI.