EBMM Team Up With John Petrucci On New Signature Guitar

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EBMM Team Up With John Petrucci On New Signature Guitar

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Introducing the JP16, a newly designed and collaborated idea from both Ernie Ball Music Man and Metal’s sharp shooter John Petrucci; crafted by the award-winning engineering team at Ernie Ball Music Man, at their home quarters in San Luis Obispo, California.


The JP16 is built out of creativity, bringing a unique design process which aims to deliver un-bound and unrestricted potential, while bringing back the original design. Ernie Ball gives an instrument that perfectly fits the artists form.  

Being an ideal combination of the JP15, and the original John Petrucci signature model, the JP16 brings a lightweight basswood body, high gloss black lava finish and is fitted with a new Floyd Rose 1000 Pro Floating Tremolo system. Like the original, the JP16 retains the scoop forearm contour, helping stay comfortable while playing.


The new model is fitted with stainless steel frets, and a smokey ebony fretboard which comes natural with the ultra thin and sharp-sounding roasted maple neck. Delivering the sound are custom fitted Dimarzio Sonic Ecstasy humbuckers, which help grapple your sound and tone. The JP16 still keeps the signature 4/2 headstock and compensated nut.


Petrucci stated, “Working with the team to bring my vision to life was extraordinary – they took what was in my head and created what is, for me, the perfect guitar.” This guitar is just one of EBMM’s Artist series with models designed for St Vincent (Annie Calr), Maroon 5’s James Valentine, Steve Lukather, Albert Lee and Steve Morse.


Watch John Petrucci shred through his model below. 


To find out more about Ernie Ball guitars, visit CMC Music Distribtuion.