OPFXS debut the Asteroide sampler + harmoniser pedal

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OPFXS debut the Asteroide sampler + harmoniser pedal

With controls for single or dual mode sampling, as well as low octave, fundamental, high and second harmonics, the Asteroide is a pedal that relies on users thinking outside the box.


You’re able to use the sample function to catch and grab a note to use as a pedal tone, and then add in different harmonic layers and voicings by tweaking with the controls. Holding the sample footswitch will put the sample on an infinite loop, letting you create all sorts of wild harmonised or feedbacking sounds.


Dual mode also allows for two-note sampling so you can make chordal textures to play over, which sounds pretty appealing. The unit also features a dry signal path and stereo output to let you keep your original tone clean.


Listen to the unit in action below. When used effectively with other pedals, I reckon this thing could be incredibly powerful, and it definitely makes for something more interesting than most octave effects. 



Check the OPFSX Asteroide out in more detail here.