IK Multimedia have released a wearable social distance monitor

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IK Multimedia have released a wearable social distance monitor

Considering how hard Italy was hit by the initial COVID-19 outbreak, it makes sense for IK Multimedia to take this initiative. The Safe Spacer uses ultra wideband technology, which is ten times more powerful than Bluetooth, and runs wirelessly on a rechargeable battery, sensing when other devices come within 6 feet of one another and alerting the wearer with lights, audio or vibrations. 


IK Multimedia state the the Safe Spacer was made “with the intention to help not only those in the music industry but any other industry – to restart safely and help everybody to get back to their normal lives as soon as possible”. The device also logs contacts without using sensitive data, and looks like a G-Shock – what’s not to love?


In a statement accompanying the product announcement, IK Multimedia CEO Enrico Iori discussed the Safe Spacer, saying that “We created Safe Spacer to help our Italian factory workers maintain a safe distance during re-opening. It’s easy to use, fast to deploy, private and secure, so it can be used comfortably in any situation. We hope this solution helps other companies feel secure as they re-open, too.”



IK Multimedia is distributed in Australia by Sound & Music