Positive Grid release BIAS 2 mobile FX app

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Positive Grid release BIAS 2 mobile FX app

Positive Grid claim that BIAS FX 2 brings a ‘completely re-engineered’ DSP engine with ‘hundreds of improvements’ on the original software. The app itself is available to download for free, and users can purchase additional virtual equipment inside the app if they should please. 


One of the big tweaks with BIAS FX 2 is the HD Sound Engine, which has been updated to provide ‘hyper-realistic and detailed tones’. There’s 101 effects on offer, as well as 35 amplifiers, 25 cabinets and four unique microphone models – that’s an awful lot of tone for a device that fits in your pants pocket. You’re even able to create your own dual amp setups, letting you blend a mix of dirty and clean tones or even go full shoegaze and run your rig in stereo. 


BIAS FX 2 also brings a new Guitar Match function that lets you emulate one of 20 virtual guitars in the software. This one’s pretty nifty – if you’re running a Strat and can’t get enough grunt, you’re able to select a virtual SG and beef your tone up with the press of a button. An inbuilt looper also lets you jam with yourself and practice with ease, and there’s even support to load in your own IR custom cab files into the app. 


To put the cherry on top, BIAS FX 2 also now boasts a Live View function with zero latency – zilch. This means you can effectively play an entire show with your iPhone, which is something pretty special in itself. The future is now, folks. 



Head to the Positive Grid website to find out more.