OpenLIVE Launch Revolutionary Live Music Platform

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OpenLIVE Launch Revolutionary Live Music Platform

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What separates OpenLIVE from the rest is their commitment to delivering artist’s work intact and without lossy compression – just the way it was originally intended. Hi-resolution means your music retains everything the artist put into the original master. If it’s available in hi-resolu-tion (CD quality and above) then OpenLIVE will either have it available for download, or will be working hard to make it available.


The most exciting part about OpenLIVE’s emergence is their groundbreaking MasterBuilder recording infrastructure. Currently in its BETA testing stage, MasterBuilder has been rolled out in live venues across Australia and the UK, giving artists a simple way of capturing and owning recordings of their live performances and making them available for download. For music fans, this also means the chance to experience the raw power and energy of live shows in hi-resolution audio. 


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