Gold Tone BG250F 5-String Banjo

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Gold Tone BG250F 5-String Banjo


Its convertible resonator feature allows for an easy conversion between a bluegrass (resonator) banjo and a genuine old time (openback) banjo by simply removing the 13” resonator and mounting brackets. Like many old time banjos, this model features an openback pot assembly design utilizing 24 shoe lugs instead of a one-piece flange. This cuts down on the weight by about 3lbs while still being able to deliver a powerful and punchy tone. This convertible feature is great for players wanting to play in both popular styles. Other features include a bound rosewood fingerboard, a 12” bound mahogany resonator, the new GT Master planetary tuners, flat-top 20-hole bell brass tone ring, and a complete setup at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida which is then double checked after landing in Australia at Gladesville Guitar Factory.


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