Novation Release Version 2 Of Launchpad For iOS

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Novation Release Version 2 Of Launchpad For iOS


Novation have dove even deeper, allowing more accessibility and flexibility with its Ableton link support, which lets you jam in sync with other responding apps as well as playing alongside external MIDI instruments. Most notable, the new update for Launchpad allows a new real-time stretch audio engine, where you can change the tempo as you’re playing.

Novation has created a bigger library for the updated FX and has given the user more control over custom loops and the freedom of dialling in your own sound. The new Launchpad has increased share ability, and resonates the vision of Novation, by giving the player a better platform for creativity. 


The new Launchpad update from Novation is free to download for all iPhone and iPad users via iTunes. You can download the app here.  



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