The World’s First Modular Electric Guitar

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The World’s First Modular Electric Guitar

evolve modular.jpg

The company are ready to bring something new to the industry with their modular design after over two long years in development and field-testing.


The design itself is being touted as a revolution in guitar manufacturing and design, with the guitar having interchangeable faceplates with different sound profiles. The profiles are: Metal, Rock/Blues, Jazz and HipHop. Ensuring that they meet the high quality demand from the professional guitarist, the Evolution Guitar luthier carefully crafts each faceplate.   


With each faceplate retailing for around half the cost of the full guitar, the Evolution’s modular design is economically efficient. And to top it off, the faceplate can be changed in around 2 minutes!

Perfect for gigging and touring bands that require multiple guitars, the Evolution saves both money and luggage space. The guitar is also great for recording studios that must be able to create a variety of sounds, genres, and styles without going over budget.


Evolution Guitars will also offer a Custom Shop where players will be able to work directly with their luthier to create customised faceplates to add to their collection.

With one body and multiples styles of faceplates, the Evolution offers an unprecedented ability to explore and customise tone.


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