NAMM 2020: Warm Audio roll out three new pro audio products

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NAMM 2020: Warm Audio roll out three new pro audio products

Despite their roots in the studio, Warm Audio are seemingly branching out into live sound in the new year, with their two new DI boxes look to allure sound technicians and venue engineers with their discrete construction and reliable sound. Offering both Passive and Active models, the Wam Audio Direct Box Active is best suited for passive and acoustic instruments, whereas the Passive model is best for balancing the signal of instruments with active electronics. Both boxes present a frequency range that exceeds the bandwidth of most DI boxes on the market, making these a premium solution for any savvy sound tech.



There’s also the brand new Warm Audio BUS-COMP, which presents users with an all-analogue two channel stereo VCA bus compressor – you can hear how it sounds paired with the aforementioned DI boxes in the above video. Based on the classic circuitry of the acclaimed SSL bus compressor, the Warm Audio BUS-COMP delivers crispy tones with meticulously controlled dynamics, and also sounds sublime on a stereo mix. This one’s expected to land on our shores some time in the coming month, and we can’t wait to put it to work. 


Warm Audio is distributed in the Australian market via Studio Connections