NAMM 2020: Korg unleash the new and improved SV-2 Stage Vintage Piano

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NAMM 2020: Korg unleash the new and improved SV-2 Stage Vintage Piano

With a whopping ten times more sample data than the SV-1, Korg have taken the preset sounds of the SV-2 up to a huge 72 tones, featuring a variety of electric pianos, organs, FM pianos, analogue clavinets, synth pads, leads and basses, as well as meticulous emulations of upright and grand pianos. There’s also a huge 128 voices of polyphony, whereas the original SV-1 boasted 80, as well new splitting capabilities to let users split three different tones with a layer on top – although you’ll have to dive into the SV-2 software editor to unlock this feature effectively. 



Elsewhere, Korg have added a nifty Panel lock feature, which lets you lock in your stock sound to prevent any accidental parameter switching, as well as an improved reverb in the tube-driven effects section of the unit. One of the biggest updates here is the new K-ARRAY 15w stereo speakers added on the back of SV-2S models, elevating it from being a studio/stage tool to become a viable option for those looking to play premium piano sounds at home. 


Just like its predecessor, the Korg SV-2 will be available in either 73 or 88 key variants, and is set to ship with a sweet-looking stand, damper pedal and music stand. 



Korg products are distributed in the domestic market through CMI Music & Audio.