NAMM 2020: Pioneer DJ reveal the DJM-V10 mixer

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NAMM 2020: Pioneer DJ reveal the DJM-V10 mixer

The DJM-V10 boasts six channels, dedicated low-pass and high-pass filters, inbuilt effects and a new isolator three-band master EQ. Each channel features a four-band EQ and its own compressor to let you shape each source to your liking, while effects such as Delay and Reverb now operate in parallel instead of an insert. This lets you route the wet signal of the effect to its own channel for further filtering or EQing, as well as sending it to Beat FX, while the send knob allows you to plug in hardware effects units and route them in. 



Pioneer have also loaded the DJM-V10 with two 1/4″ and 1/8″ headphone inputs, with each featuring its own booth EQ, cue, mix and level options. They’ve even added a Shimmer effect to the Beat FX section, letting you add some iridiscent sparkle to your mixes when you need to hit them with the ‘ol razzle dazzle. It looks like a pretty mega mixer, and we’re certain there’s going to be a lot of DJs frothing at the mouth over this thing. 



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