NAMM 2020: Nord unveil the jaw-dropping Wave 2 synthesiser

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NAMM 2020: Nord unveil the jaw-dropping Wave 2 synthesiser

The Wave 2 is powered by a whopping four-part synth engine, with individual volume/panning faders for each section to create dense, layered textures. With wavetable, FM synthesis, virtual analogue and sample-based synth sounds on offer, Nord have ensured you’re spoilt for choice here, while the 48 notes of polyphony makes it even more tantalising for keyboard players. There’s also six different filter types on offer, as well as an arpeggiator with gating capabilities and unison mode for beefy basses and leads. 



In the modulation department, the Wave 2 features an LFO with five waveforms to choose from, as well as simple sync functions and routing via an AD/AR envelope. There’s also ADSRs for filter and amp envelope, as well as inbuilt chorus, phaser and vibrato effects, delay, reverb, EQ and drive. The Wave 2 also features a 61 note keybed with aftertouch, while OLED displays ensure that you’re able to navigate the Program and Oscillator sections with ease, as well as a big 1GB of memory which can be filled up with samples from Nord’s Sample Library 3.0.


Nord is distributed in the domestic market via Electric Factory