NAMM 2020: EMG launch new Jim Root and Rob Trujillo pickups

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NAMM 2020: EMG launch new Jim Root and Rob Trujillo pickups

First up is the Jim Root Daemonum Signature Set, which has supposedly been in development for the last three years and can be heard all over Slipknot’s recent LP We Are Not Your Kind. These pickups boast a Retro Active design, and utilise stud poles in both coils and for the preamps. The Daemonum neck pickup features ceramic studs for super-clean sounds across the frequency spectrum, whereas the bridge pickup uses black steel poles and a ceramic magnet for a cutting tone with plenty of bite.



Designed with Trujilo’s tone in mind, the EMG Rip Tide set is perfect for those players seeking a little bit more out of their Jazz Bass. Featuring stainless steel caps and EMG’s solderless wiring harness, the Rip Tides are paired with a volume/volume/tone configuration typical of Jazz Basses, letting you achieve a modern tone without extensively modifying your instrument. Check them out below.



Finally, EMG are also issuing a dual mode version of their coveted 57/66 set, which has been a favourite for many guitarist over the past decade. With selectable single and dual coil sounds available via EMG’s intuitive three coil design, this set also features a push-pull pot for each pickup alongside two regular tone controls, letting you tap into a wide variety of tones. The 66 neck pickup simultaneously uses ceramic and alnicp magnets in the single coil position, while the 57 bridge pickup promises a comination of alnico and steel to make it suitable for both single and dual coil positions.  



EMG pickups are distributed in Australia via D’Addario