NAMM 2020: AMS Neve revive the RMX16 reverb rack unit

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NAMM 2020: AMS Neve revive the RMX16 reverb rack unit

AMS Neve claim that the new rack-mountable reissue will provide “all the musicality” of the original unit, replicating its nine original programs and the nine aftermaket programs that followed it. This gives you access to banks that meticulously simulate a range of reverb environments, with the hands-on interface of the RMX16 letting you tweak all parameters of each reverb to your heart’s content.



The only notable difference from the original unit and AMS Neve’s reissue seems to be the inclusion of an OLED display to help you find your way around the unit. Other than that, all the sonic characteristics of the RMX16’s analogue and converter circuitry remain the same, making this one nifty tool to time warp your tracks back to a finer age. Reacquaint yourself with the lush sound of the RMX16 in the video below, and start saving your pennies for when this one lands in stores soon. 



AMS Neve are distributed in Australia via Audio Chocolate