Kurzweil PC4 announced with new 6-Operator FM Engine

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Kurzweil PC4 announced with new 6-Operator FM Engine

Perhaps co-founder Stevie Wonder is having an influence on the new products, with the ability to import 80’s and 90’s FM SysEx files included among the keyboard’s updated capabilities. The lowkey announcement comes as the electronic music manufacturer let the PC’s features speak for themselves, with 88 weighted and velocity sensitive keys being the mere tip of the iceberg for this beast.  


The FM engine is the major new addition to the PC series, which enables users with the ability to import 80’s/90’s FM SysEx files and more. This means you’ll be able to transport all your favourite patches from vintage Yamaha, Roland and Korg FM gear over to your fancy new keyboard, making it perfect for retro-revivalists

The PC4 jumps up the content space with an extra 2gb of room for user content. That is in addition to the 2gb of Kurzweil sample library already imbedded. 

Also, over 1000 factory programs come with the Performance Controller and Production Station, allowing you to hit the ground running with preset beats.


Another new feature in the 16 MIDI CC Step Sequencers allow for greater control of your many instrument inputs, as well as 16 different arpeggiators to lose yourself in. 


Check out the full specs at Kurzweil’s Website.



Head to Australis Music Group for information on purchasing Kurzweil products in Australia.