Røde launch minuscule WIRELESS GO microphone system

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Røde launch minuscule WIRELESS GO microphone system

The WIRELESS GO series is comprised of two tiny little RX receiver and TX transmitter units, with each piece of kit clocking in at a breezy 31 grams. When laid side by side, these units barely take up much more space than a credit card – so if you’re a bit on the ditsy side, it might be a good idea finding something a little harder to lose. 


The TX Transmitter features a nifty inbuilt omnidirectional condenser and shirt clip to record dialogue in the field, as well as a 3.5mm TRS input to use as a tiny little belt-back transmitter for a lav mic. The 128-bit encryption and Series III 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission also promises crystal clear audio quality, helping you get perfect results no matter where you may roam. 




On the other end of the signal, the RX Receiver offers a dual purpose receiver which can easily be clipped to a camera shoe mount or your own clothing, presenting multiple options to suit your own workflow. It also comes shipped with its own 3.5mm cable to feed straight into a camera or audio recorder, and gives you the choice of 0dB, -6dB and -12dB output pad settings.


The WIRELESS GO series boasts an impressive seven hour battery life, and presents up to 70 metres of line-of-sight signal range – perfect for both journalists stealthing about for the next big scoop and ambient enthusiasts getting weird with their soundscapes. With the Røde WIRELESS GO, the world’s your oyster. 


Duck over to Røde Microphones for more details.