Echo Fix debut incredible EF-X2 Tape Echo

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Echo Fix debut incredible EF-X2 Tape Echo

Fusing timeless tones and mojo with the reliability and features you’d expect from a modern piece of equipment, the EF-X2 Tape Echo is the result of three hard years of testing, prototyping and design. As the world’s foremost experts in the repair and maintenance of tape echo units, it’s fair to assume that Echo Fix know exactly what goes into the making of a quality tape echo unit – and it looks like it’s paid off. 


Using custom tape heads and a formulation of tape to withstand long periods of time, the EF-X2 promises to never let you down, offering an organic sounding echo that’ll make any guitar, synth or production set-up sound as warm and gooey as a buttered English muffin in the morning. Check out all the specs below, and watch a demonstration video featuring Gang Of Youth’s guitarist Joji Malani. 





  • Three core functions – tape echo, reverb, and preamp
  • Independent inputs (and level controls) for Instrument-level and Line-level applications, plus balanced input and output at rear
  • Three echo playback heads, and a Sound On Sound Head giving 11 Head combination Settings in total
  • Adjust the echo’s Time and Feedback with Control Voltages (CV 0-5 volts) and compatible Expression Pedals
  • Bass and Treble control of the echo signal
  • Motor ON/Switch for tape slow down effect – or to conserve tape when only using the EF-X2’s reverb or preamp
  • State of the art DSP Reverb with independent controls
  • Mute the reverb or echo signal with a dual foot switch pedal
  • Comes with a worldwide-compatible, 100 – 240v power supply (no step-down or other transformers required)
  • Built tough to last, by someone who’s repaired and upgraded more tape echo units than you can possibly imagine!
  • 3 Years Warranty with peace of mind that this is made by a company that has been operating for over 10 years specialising in tape echo repair and spare parts.
  • Designed by Shane Fritsch & Doug Ford


Head over to Echo Fix to check out the unit in full.