Kali Audio launch the IN-8 studio monitors

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Kali Audio launch the IN-8 studio monitors

Utilising similar tweeters and woofers to the Kali Audio LP-8’s, the IN-8 monitors boast 140W of Class D amplification and feature a co-axial 4″ midrange and 1″ tweeter to provide a ‘hyper-realistic’ imaging. The tweeter and midrange share an acoustic centre, with the woofer crossed over at 330Hz for ‘hyper-realistic’ imaging. This allows the monitors to deliver the directivity of an acoustic point in a full 360 degree range around the speaker, with all the spatial information being heard at the listening position in a mix. 



Other features include boundary compensation EQ settings, RCA, TRS and XLR inputs and low and high frequency trims, while a low noise port tube utilises airflow simulations to deliver powerful bass without any gross port noise. These monitors definitely look like the real deal, and we can’t for them to land in Australia. 


Kali Audio is distributed in Australia via NAS Solutions