JHS relaunch the VCR as new Space Commander pedal

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JHS relaunch the VCR as new Space Commander pedal

The JHS VCR, which was previously released as a signature effects pedal for Ryan Adams, now boasts a new 8-bit inspired paint job as a nod to the classic ’80s arcade game Space Invaders. 


The Space Commander features the exact same circuitry as the VCR, offering reverb, chorus and boost effects with additional toggle switches to add or remove each effect from the circuit. Effects pedal wizard Robert Keeley assisted JHS with the design of the digital components of the pedal to create a formidable effects combination for the retro guitarist. 



If you managed to get your hands on one of the Ryan Adams’ branded VCR pedals, JHS is offering to rehouse your pedal with the new Space Commander graphic for a small fee, which you can read more about here


For all JHS products in Australia, head to Guitar Factory