Positive Grid announce Bias FX 2 software

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Positive Grid announce Bias FX 2 software

Featuring a totally re-enginered, higher resolution DSP engine, Bias FX 2 improves on the original Bias system tenfold by adding hundreds of subtle tweaks and improvements, offering guitarists with an unlimited variety of effects, cabinets, guitar and amplifier types to endlessly shape their tone.




As well as adding hundreds of new and revamped amp, rack, cabinet and effects to choose from, Positive Grid have also designed the groundbreaking Guitar Match feature for the Bias FX 2. By allowing users to choose from a wide range of precisely emulated guitar models within the software, Positive Grid essentially removes the need for using multiple guitars in the studio. This means you’ll be able to get vintage Strat tones from a Gibson SG, chunky Les Paul sustain from a Tele, and just about any other combination you could think of. Positive Grid have even taken specs such as body wood, neck thickness and age into account with Guitar Match, providing an infinite amount of tonal possibility all from the confines of your laptop.




Elsewhere, Bias FX 2 also includes the intuitive Amp Engine from their popular Bias Amp 2 software, creating a highly dynamic virtual amplifier experience for the most authentic modeling tones possible. There’s also brand new Time, Harmonizer and Fuzz modelers, thousands of authentic virtual stompboxes to choose from, a new looper function and a new ToneCloud feature to share all your favourite presets with other Bias FX 2 users – sheesh!


You can read more on all the features offered by Positive Grid’s Bias FX 2 and pre-order the software here.


Positive Grid is available in Australia through Link Audio.