iZotope releases latest update to their RX family

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iZotope releases latest update to their RX family

With the RX7 standard package being aimed primarily at musicians, the three main updates that have been added are repair assistant, music rebalance and remove/isolate vocals. Repair assistant is an ‘industry-first’ intelligent repair tool that will analyse your audio and automatically detect artifacts such as clipping, clicks and other unwanted noise and offer three levels of intensity of three different processing options to fix them. Music rebalance allows you to isolate seperate instruments within a stereo audio mix using an algorithm trained by machine learning to enable you to modify individual elements without having access to the original stem. Lastly the remove/isolate vocals will do exactly that, cleanly seperating the vocals from a track to allow ease of remixing without having to do complicated phasing tricks by hand.


RX7 Advanced on the other hand comes packaged in the RX post production suite alongside RX loudness control, insight 2, neutron 2 advanced, as well as bonus content from Pro Sound Effects and Groove3. This advanced version builds upon the standard version by adding more in-depth features of those mentioned above, with dialogue contour and de-reverb which allows you to modify the diction and intonation of vocals or remove unwanted reverb respectively.  



iZotope is distributed in Australia through Electric Factory.