Roland revives the ’80s with the AX-Edge Keytar

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Roland revives the ’80s with the AX-Edge Keytar

Boasting a sleek, modern design with 49 full sized keys and packed with intuitive performance controls, the Roland AX-Edge is far more than a simple MIDI keyboard: it’s an absolute performance powerhouse for those looking to make a synth-driven statement onstage. Loaded with ten preset sound banks featuring classic Lead, Bass, Poly, Pad and even Vocoder sounds, the AX-Edge also offers users the option to create their own sounds via Roland’s AX-Edge editor app, which is controlled onstage via Bluetooth MIDI. 

Designed with the live musician in mind, the AX-Edge also plays host to a huge range of left-hand controls to create inspiring textures under the limelight, including a modulation bar, portamento, a pressure sensitive pitch ribbon, pitch bend, octave change and program selector. There’s also an inuitive Tone Hold feature, curbing that awkward patch-change moment of silence which haunts even the finest of keyboardists in their sleep.

Available in both black and white finishes, the AX-Edge also includes fully customizable edge blades for optimum onstage aesthetic. While there’s no news on price or release date just yet, make sure to stay tuned to Mixdown for all your Keytar related updates – we’re just as excited as you are.


Keep your eyes peeled for the Roland AX-Edge here.