Details of new Yamaha MODX Synthesiser Get Leaked

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Details of new Yamaha MODX Synthesiser Get Leaked

With a relatively straightforward front panel, having most of the controls contained within the touch screen display, the new MODX uses its Advanced Wave Model (AWM2) synth engine to process samples and synthesised sounds in up to 28 note polyphony. Alongside this, Yamaha have packed in their FM-X technology, an 8-operator frequency modulation synth with up to 64-note polyphony, as well as an expansive filter suite and extremely versatile sequencer built in to the keyboard. Additionally, the MODX has a built-in 2in-10out audio interface, which could allow this synth to control your entire setup.


Not only is it highly functional, but the amount of storage space on board is staggering. With a whopping 5.6GB of storage on the waveform ROM, the MODX packs a near overwhelming 6,347 available wavetables, as well as an almost absurd 2000 preset performances, 640 user performances, 5,120 library performances, 256 preset live set slots, 2048 user and 2048 library live set slots. Additionally it packs a possible 10,239 arpeggios, which can be run simultaneously with up to eight different patterns at once. And that’s not even getting into the sounds you could build yourself from scratch. Probably a fair bit of overkill for a casual operator, but anyone wanting to use it to its fullest potential is going to get an immense amount of bang for their buck. 



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