Is This Spherical Mic The Solution For On-The-Go Recording?

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Is This Spherical Mic The Solution For On-The-Go Recording?


The microphone is said to be a solution for musicians on the road who ‘lose ideas because of low-quality recording on [their] smartphone’, for those trying to ‘capture the moment and record now’, and ‘for all music enthusiast who like to record their music and process audio in an easy way’. So it’s pretty much the solution for everyone apparently.

An interesting feature of this microphone is the sound source separation, which identifies the different sound sources being recorded at the same time and splits them into individual tracks representing the individual sources. This seems like a really interesting idea, but in the video there seemed to be some bleeding of the guitar into the isolated vocal track and vice-versa, which makes me sceptical of how well it would work for bands with a lot of members. It might be able to distinguish between a bassline and a lead guitar riff, but I don’t know how well it would split the first and second trombones in a big band.


Having said that though, I can see the use for this in a rehearsal or jamming situation, where a band doesn’t want to lose an idea, or wants playback on their rehearsal at better quality than an iPhone recording, and greater ease than setting up microphones and a mixer. Another use could be for bands wanting to record their songs with just one microphone, to get the whole-room feel on the track, but the ability to do that would rely on what kind of sound quality the microphone puts out. It seems like there are a few different possibilities with this product, but with no release date or further information, it might be a while before we see it in the flesh.


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